My experience with Invisalign!


Clear Braces, Straighten Teeth without Metal Braces with Invisalign:

Dental Associates & My Orthodontist Dr. Gilman:

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-Filmed with: Canon SX 40 HS
-Edited in: iMovie


I loathe the fact that I have to put this in here, but of course these are all my honest and personal opinions, as always.

25 thoughts on “Invisalign

  1. I want to get them I have a consultation coming up shortly and I’d like to
    maybe wear them a year and a half tops if I can. I just imagine the entire
    thing being an inconvenience on your social an any kind of love life.
    Hopefully id be a lucky one that wouldn’t need to wear a retainer for life
    after treatment 

  2. I am wearing my first aligner pair. It’s hard to pronounce some words. I
    successfully take them out, but I have some problems eating

  3. Glad you thought your Invisalign experience was worthwhile! Great video,
    thanks for sharing and what a beautiful smile!

  4. You’r orthodontist gave you a case? I basically just received a envelope
    that had all my trays in it and that was it. No tips, instructions, or
    anything. Had to google everything :/ 

  5. Ur supposed to put the previous retainer in the red container… Wtf? Ur
    doctor didn’t tell u that? U are as retarded as u look

  6. I got them yesterday and I am happy about getting teeth fix, but quick
    question? I don’t get about the red and blue case? I am confused. 

  7. hey boo!! omg your teeth look great !! i want to do it .. but it’s so
    expensive ! and my teeth are not bad .. but just one side is bad lol but
    this is a good in depth detailed video !

  8. I feel like i found this video late lol. But Jennifer can you tell me how
    you clean them? Mine get really nasty and I use this 6 second soap called
    Oap Cleaner made for them.

    Thanks xoxo

  9. Really helpful. And your teeth look amazing, actually I don’t think you
    even needed them. You’ve always looked very pretty.
    But just one thing: I feel like you wanted to cry during the whole video.
    Try working on your breathing because it’s hard to concentrate.

  10. I’m here to thank you so much for your review it helped me a lot and I’m
    so thankful for helping me take the first step a year ago all what u said
    is absolutely true

  11. Thanks for sharing! Invisalign can be very beneficial for many people not
    interested in regular braces. 

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